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We are deeply dedicated to fostering a sense of unity and service within our community, guided by Islamic principles of compassion and benevolence. Our focus lies on initiatives that uplift those in need, including supporting local homeless shelters, organizing charity fundraisers for orphanages and similar causes, and conducting fundraising campaigns for vital social care organizations such as hospitals and hospices, both locally and nationally. Through these endeavors, we aim to exemplify the spirit of giving (sadaqah) and fulfill our duty of serving humanity as taught by our faith.


We aspire to provide a variety of outreach programs imbued with the essence of Islam. Our courses are designed to not only enrich neighbouring communities but also to anchor them in our profound educational heritage. These courses, offered as standalone options ranging from full-day to half-day sessions, serve as pillars in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our tradition and are delivered in an engaging and practical manner.


We organize a range of activities, blending spiritual enrichment with recreational pursuits, held consistently on both a weekly and monthly basis. We warmly invite you to participate in these events, where you can not only nurture your own spiritual and physical well-being but also contribute to the flourishing of our community. Together, let us strive to create a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle that promotes holistic development for ourselves and those we hold dear.